Monday, May 2, 2011


On Sunday, we had two butterfly themed birthday bonanzas. At the first, I managed to somehow not take many photos, but I was spurred on at our second go around due to the awesome butterfly wings on the kiddos' backs. Hello, they were props just waiting to be photographed, especially on the boys.

Our little friend turned 3 and there were butterflies everywhere! Keller ate the wings of his watermelon specimen above.

Vera had the camera at once and managed to snap this gem. Normally, I would dislike any photo taken of me that looks up at me (hello extremely tall and big woman), but with the preggo belly I don't mind as much.

Seriously, the cutest butterfly you have ever seen. The stripes on the Dude's outfit made me think more bumblebee than anything else though.

Wait, this butterfly is pretty darn cute as well!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love these shots with the butterfly wings! Where did you get the octopus hat?

Fourth B