Saturday, June 18, 2011


The Santa Barbara's summer library program has started! It includes a reading incentive game, where the kiddos earn different prizes for every additional five books that they read (or that are read to them). There is also a series of shows that will be playing all summer. The first was the juggler and this week...BUBBLEMANIA. It was pretty darn cool, even for the adults in the audience.

We ended up going twice and during our second viewing, Vera got picked to go into the bubble. When the bubble has encased them, the kids were told to blow and smaller bubbles would stream out. From their facial expressions, you can tell that my children took the job very seriously.

After the show, the bubble master was nice enough to stick around and give other kids an opportunity to go into the bubble. Keller loved it!

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Krista said...

Awesome pics! It's great that Vera actually looked up & Keller didn't pop the bubble.