Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nojoqui Falls

There is that moment, when you have passed a sign hundreds of times, and then one day you finally decide to check it out. Today was the day that we went blueberry picking (pictures to come) and walked to Nojoqui Falls. Both have been passed at least a hundred times by the Mazzetta Family as we have headed north for the Bay Area or to visit our friends in Los Alamos. Today, we went up there just for them.

I couldn't resist editing the Nojoqui Falls pictures first, so much fun.

The walk to the falls was 10 minutes at the most.

Both kids were super excited to see the falls and play in the water.

You know what I love about this photo, that little toddler belly. So yummy!

There is one downer to our trip, I realized that I married probably the greatest bug attractor in the entire world. At home, if a flea has escaped from a dog 20 miles away, it heads right for J's stomach and bites him repeatedly. Spiders, mosquitoes, and fleas all flock to Jaso. At Nojoqui, it was the flies. Oh, they loved my honey...enough that we will be carrying Bug Off! in our car from now on.

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