Monday, December 19, 2011

August - 4 Month Check-Up

It is so true, it goes too fast! I can't believe that August is already 4 months. He is a smiling, happy baby. As a mom, the heart really does grow bigger with each kiddo. I am more content now that he is in my life.

  • rolling - slowly, but definitely doing it
  • giggling - best sound ever
  • tolerates being pulled, tugged on, and picked up by his sis and bro
  • appreciates the fine quality of his mama's singing voice

Stats -
15 lbs
26.5 in

For comparison -
15.6 lbs
26 in

16.4 lbs
26.5 in

Is it weird that my kiddos are all measuring about the same.

1 comment:

dan said...

Good thing your kids appreciate your & your sister's singing voices or no one would!