Thursday, June 7, 2012

9 Month Appointment - Gus

Gusser's 9 month appointment came at a good time. He had been sick for a week with a stomach bug and I just needed the doctor to tell me that he was going to be okay. However, because of the sickness, he was down in weight and not the happiest baby in the world at the appointment. Our boy is crawling, pulling to stand, and moving along the furniture learning how to walk. He says "dada" and "uh oh." He will eat just about anything, except hummus.

Height: 28.5 inches (50%)
Weight: 18.8 lbs (25%)

Vera at 9mth:
Height: 30 inches
Weight: 19.14 lbs

Keller at 9mth:
Height: 30 inches
Weight: 21.1 lbs

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