Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cool Homework

The assignment:

For homework this week I would like you and your child to perform a science experiment that will help to continue our ocean theme. 
  • With your child, brainstorm a list of possible shapes that a boat could come in. 
  • Create these boats out of foil.
  • Guesstimate and record how many pennies you think that each boat will be able to hold when placed in a tub full of water.
  • Perform the experiment. 
I knew we were in trouble when the first question out of J's mouth was, "How much foil can we use?" They came up with three designs: canoe, buoy, and barge.

Keller got into the act as well and made three boats. The canoes were hand designed, the buoy model got its shape from the bottom of a bowl, and the barge was made using a book as the mold. 

Just chilling by my boats and pennies. 

The experiment. Gusser really tried to help, but ended up destroying one of Keller's boats in the process. Do you have a guess?

The results:

  • Canoe - 26
  • Buoy - 123
  • Barge - 166! Huge surprise, Vera was delighted.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I can't wait to try these types of things with serene jr!