Monday, August 6, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge

It was my brainstorm for this trip that our family + Opa would take an amazing walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. However, I forgot to factor in a few things. These would include the fog, lack of warm clothing for my children, and my anxiety about having my three children on a bridge where they could plummet to their death. 

One of my favorite photo opportunities. There are pictures in one of our photo albums of my sister and our foreign exchange student sitting in this same pose. 

The Bridge is celebrating its 75th birthday! Because of that, there are cool displays with hands on activities. Vera got a big kick out of the tower height in comparison to weight distribution display. 

This is about where I realized that vertigo is a real thing and that Keller has no concern for his safety when it comes to falling from high heights. We didn't make it to the first tower before I flipped a u-turn on the bridge.

J and I love the hat!

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