Monday, December 17, 2012

Funderland at the Museum of Natural History

Funderland at the Museum of Natural History is a free Christmas event that has lots and lots for the kiddos to explore. They also provide yummy hot chocolate for the kiddos and coffee for adults. That pretty much does it for me.

Vera was the only one that would sit on Santa's lap. Not to complain, but he was in an odd location this year. Last year, Santa had his own building with lots of light. This year he was in a very dim room which required a flash for a photograph. Grrr...

Cool Akla-Seltzer rocket! The trick, you have to have a film cannister with a pop top lid. Opa, can you find one of those? Do they even still make those? There has to be a substitute, but I am drawing a blank.

There was a snowflake craft for the kids. Gus completed and wore his design. What he is not wearing, is shoes. Sigh, walked right out of the house and forgot the poor kid's shoes.  It was a minor parenting fail + one pair of ruined socks.

Our last stop of the day was Planetarium.

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