Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Happens in Vegas...

Pops turned 60 this past weekend, sis and I gathered our families and hit the road to Vegas. Mermaids, rainforests, the Bellagio, treks across up and down the strip, Naked City Pizza, and thank god there is a tram were some of the highlights.

Our crew arrived in Vegas an hour before Opa was scheduled to arrive. J and I decided to take the kids to the Bass Pro Shops, which is a whole lotta crazy. Seriously. Not only was there a Santa, free crafts, and an hour to try out all of the toys...there was also lions, tigers, and bears. Well, okay, I don't think there were tigers, but the other two were definitely represented. 

Bass Pro Shops is located right next to the Silverton, whose schtick is that mermaids swim around in their fish tanks. Sold, I wanna be a mermaid. It took Vera a good 10-minutes to timidly ask whether or not the mermaid was real. Awesome.

It wouldn't be Vegas without a showgirl or two. This one looked a little waxy.

The Bellagio Fountain was a big hit. J, Opa, and I got to see it at night...well worth the walk. The kiddos got the daytime special, almost as cool. 

The Christmas display at the Bellagio is amazing!! 

 I thought of you, Fourth Breakfast, as I tried to tell my children about Chihuly.


60 looks good on you Dad!

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