Monday, January 28, 2013


Keller Dude has become quite the artist, please notice the yummy looking pizza above. I have to scan in more of his detailed work. He is full on drawing boy stuff...critters fighting each other and weird creatures. Okay, I realize that girls can draw those things too, but Vera always stuck with the heart, rainbow, and flower combos. 

Keller also got to "finally" have his morning with TaTa, his Christmas present. He was so excited that by 7:30 he was sitting by the front door for his 8am pick-up. He also dressed for the occasion in a button down shirt that he picked out himself. TaTa took him to Trader's to pick out a few treats that he is displaying. His favorite, the gummy penguins. Yummy! Thanks TaTa for spending time with The Dude.

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