Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last UCSB Show

The UCSB Shows are a series of theater experiences designed for families with young kids. This year, we got to see acrobats, Taiko drummers, and an Eric Carle performance. Per usual, the kiddos enjoyed the free balloon art and face painting, before heading into the theater hall to watch  New York City's Kid Pix. The pix are a collection of short, animated movies from New York City's film festival. It was not our favorite show as some of the movies had a scary bit or two, one things my kids don't handle well is scary movies or television.


A swan on a hat, it took me a second to figure it out when she came over wearing it. ;)

After the show, because we bought the series, we got a pizza party. Lots of fun and the boys were thrilled that the Santa Barbara Airport could be seen from the balcony. Endless entertainment with planes landing and taking off.

We also let the kids know that Mazzetta Kiddo #4 is on the way. Due November 4th, the babe is making itself known already by exhausting this mama and making me just a wee bit sick.

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