Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Visiting the Bay Area Discovery Museum served as a two-fold mission, our family got to explore a neat new place and we got to hang with one of our favorite families. I was impressed with the layout of the museum....lots of unique, small building for the kids to explore.

 Gus enjoyed the toddler area. Water + fish + frogs = all that this boy could ever want.

I enjoyed the view...amazing. 

Seriously, these two are adorable and if they happen to get married in 20 years, I am showing this photo at their wedding.

We might have an engineer on our hands yet. Vera created a model of the Golden Gate Bridge out of cardboard and tape. Awesome!

My heart hurts a little when I see how big my baby is getting. She is so sweet and young in some ways and so mature in others.

Make a funny face!

Miss having this family in SB!

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