Monday, December 16, 2013

Family Visiting

We had a great visit with Great Aunt Steph last week. Gus, Pearl, and I got treated to Brophy Brothers, a fantastic seafood restaurant. I have lived in Santa Barbara for over 10 years and it was my first time eating there. The amazing part, Pearl slept quietly in her baby sack and Gus did remarkably well just chilling, drawing, and eating french fries. 

On Wednesday night, as we were all sitting down to eat dinner after having decorated sugar cookies...Gus starts throwing up. No bueno! Thank you Aunt Stephanie for helping that night. J had to work late and so baby holding and kid wrangling was a difficult thing to do as I tried to also clean the house. We would not have survived the night without you and I am so glad that you didn't get sick!

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