Wednesday, November 26, 2014

End of Soccer Season

Vera with her coaches and 3rd place trophy. Jody and Paul were amazing this season. Vera learned a ton playing for them, enjoyed the season, and loved being a part of her team. She got to play a variety of different positions including defense, goalie, and half-back. It was a great experience. 

As a parent, the only difficulty was seeing her struggle with goalie. One second she would love the position and the next ask to change because of the stress. It is a stressful spot to be in. No action, no action, boom, you either make a great save or a goal is scored against you. With her height though, every coach is going to try to put her in the net. 

Keller had a great season too! His team started to mesh at about the halfway point of the season and started to enjoy the game. Coach Rob declared that Keller created a new position, "The All Arounder." Aka, he likes to be near the ball...all the time. 

Basketball is up next!!

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