Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Rest of our Halloween-y Activies

We attended a fall festival at one of the nearby churches. A hay ride, corn shooter, bouncy house, and trick-or-treating...can't ask for much more fun.


The big kids were amazing this year and carved their own pumpkins. Keller Dude carved this evil looking pumpkin man. 

 Vera's creation:

Gus decided to go with the cookie cutter technique. His choice, a snowman. Nothing says Halloween like a snowman on your front porch.  

First trick-or-treating, she totally got the hang of it. Only problem, she realized what everyone was giving her and wanted all pieces of candy opened. Or, if we chose not to open them, she would gnaw her way through the paper if we let her hold it. 

I can take no credit for these, they were at a Halloween party. But, I totally think I could make them next year.  

School parade, love my Alice!

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