Monday, March 16, 2015

Sequioa - Part 3: Moro Rock

365 steps to the top of Moro Rock. For a brief amount of time (10 minutes), J and I thought that we would climb it as a family. Uhmm...that was before this mama realized that the railings were not adequate for toddlers, there were way too many drop-offs, and I had a mini-panic attack (along with Vera). It was not the shining moment of the trip. The kids and I made it up 150 steps before they refused to go any further and I full on was done and scared. Kiddos and I sat in a little bench area while J completed the climb for the family. I might have still yelled at him a bit when he got back to us that he had taken too long. Whoops. 

Yep, there is J on the top of Moro Rock. You go honey, just stay away from the edge please. Also, note to everyone, I may have a fear of heights. 

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