Monday, March 16, 2015

Sequoia - Part 5: Random

 Keller was happy to show off both our room and his game of Risk.

The weather was ideal for this vacation. Cold enough that the kids got to sled, but warm enough that we weren't freezing all the time. A bit more snow would have been awesome too, but playing basketball while have a snowball fight is good times. 

Family hike!

At one point during the hike, Keller ditched us for the lodge. J offered to keep the two little ones throwing rocks in the lake. This meant that Vera and I got to actually hike while taking pictures. It was breathtaking. 

We made it to the three bears for photos. 

Keller was the friend maker of the trip. He played with kids that were at the lodge with their families, he played with the 5th graders that were there on a school trip, and he even managed to get his big sis involved in a game of Risk. If you couldn't tell, Risk was THE game this trip. 

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