Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hope School Carnival

The annual school carnival is one of this family's favorite activities. I think the kids enjoy the fact that it is the one time we don't gripe about them eating sweets...i.e. lots of cotton candy and cupcakes. I like the fact that the kids can pretty much run around free to do as they please. J and I each grabbed a little one to watch, but the big ones had freedom in where they wanted to spend their tickets and who they wanted to hang out with at the event. This accounts for the reason that there were 0 pictures taken of Keller.

We even managed to keep track of our little ones, that doesn't always happen with this family. One of them is always trying to make a run for it. 

Vera got to perform with her after school music class. 

Oh, and we ate more cotton candy! I think our family consumed 4 of these bad boys. Yikes! 

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Krista said...

I emailed you a shot of Keller!