Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pearl: 18 Month Check-Up

The cast comes off tomorrow! The cast comes off tomorrow! I could shout it from the rooftops. It has only been a week and a half and I fully realize that some people keep their casts on for 6 weeks. How stinky they must be!! Seriously. Pearl's smells bad after this short amount of time and is filthy. She did soak it once when I was washing her other hand and she threw the cast under the water.

But the cast is not why I posted this photo, this one is all about Pearl's "skirt." We were out running errands and I saved the most important one for know, the one that I had to get done to feel like I had accomplished anything during the day. Pearl decides to poop through her pants. I am sitting there in the parking lot on a cold day knowing that I can't take a baby in wearing just a t-shirt and diaper. There were of course no other pants in the car.

I notice her pink sweatshirt and a skirt is born. Zipped up around her legs with the arms tied as a belt...boom! Errand run and Pearl looked stylish while doing it. 

18 Month Check-Up

  • Nursing - Although as I type this, it has been three days and I think the little girl is weaned. A bit sad for me knowing that she would keep going, but I know that I was done. 
  • Hanging with her siblings
  • Coloring - Only with markers, not crayons
  • Having her cast signed
  • Meat and Pasta
  • Going on the slide
  • Screeching like a pterodactyl
  • Veggies
  • Sleeping through the night - Again though, I feel like a change is coming now that I am not nursing. Last night was her first time sleeping through the night in months.
  • Being told no
  • If she points to something, she wants it now!
  • Height: 34.5in  = 100%
  • Weight: 24lb 12.8oz = 77%

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