Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Poem Recitation

With so many children, the inevitable comparisons happen. J and I have had to stop ourselves many times from managing Keller's schooling like we did Vera's. Aka, Vera is a self motivator and completes tasks by herself. Keller is good in school, but does need either us or the teacher to motivate him to finish things.

When Keller brought home a poem project I was on it. His goal was to memorize a close to 15 line poem and recite it in front of his class. I made a schedule  where he would learn 2 lines every day and together he and I memorized 4 of those lines...and then I proceeded to forget about the whole thing. Right up to the point where he was asked to perform in class. Cue an email to his teacher, because really you can't expect a 1st grader to fully finish this project on his own, that stated that I am a forgetful person and can Keller please have a few more days to work on his poem. I may have groveled a bit.  

It took the rest of the week and many, many, many readings of his poem. Pretty darn proud of Keller. I read that poem as many times as he did and I am not sure that I could have done a recitation.

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Julia said...

Yay Keller!! You did awesome!!!!