Monday, October 12, 2015

Holy Heck I am Behind on Photos...

This girl turns 2 in under a month, hard to imagine. Those pjs she is wearing on the right, size 4t (passed down so I am sure they have shrunk a little bit.) :)

Crazy duo:

Mars has a new favorite. 

One of the local high schools has an amazing engineering program. They created a carousel that showcases different scientific principles. Vera and Jason could have stayed all day. As you can tell from my vague writing, I should have been paying better attention, but instead spent my time sprinting after Pearl and making sure that her little toddler fingers didn't touch. 

First swim time trials!

Fun with friends watching turtles and eating snacks. 

At a soccer party for Vera's team, the kids got to swim in the fountain, because we usually go to house's where they have an Olympic pool sized fountain. 

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