Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tall Ships - Spirit of Dana Point

The 4th graders at Vera's school have the opportunity to spend the night on an authentic sailing ship from around 1835. Ha, I need to do my research, I am not positive if the ship is authentic or a copy of a ship from that time. Regardless, it is very cool. There is a strict captain on board that has her new crew register for a two year voyage sailing to the horn of Mexico to collect cow hides. Fact: All sailors were men as women were considered bad luck on a sailing ship. The crew were all referred to as Mr.

The boat never leaves the harbor, but the kids spend a night taking turns on watch and have different jobs to keep the ship running. ;) Vera had some luck and was given the 4-6am watch. Therefore, she got to sleep from about 10:30-3:45. I was not so lucky with the 2-4am shift. I think I slept a total of 3 hours. It was worth it. A very neat adventure!

Vera signing on for the voyage.

Okay, Vera is not in this picture, but cool to see the galley. It is updated and the galley crew is in charge of the meals for the voyage.

The water picture is one of my favorite shots.

Just to get a feel for where we slept. I should mention, we "set sail" during a heatwave in Santa Barbara and sleep was just a dream. It was hot and sweaty in those bunks. I lucked out and slept on that bench where everyone is sitting during the sea chantey session of the night.

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