Sunday, May 15, 2016

Basketball Tournament

J and I like to move as a family unit...six people going to everything. That plan used to work out great, but two kids in time demanding sports + plus two little people who don't like to sit on bleachers means that we are splitting up for various activities. This weekend was my turn to drive Vera to Ventura for a basketball tournament. 

Walking into the first gym made me so glad that Pearl and Gus were safe at home. Parents/fans sat above the court looking down with only a metal railing to hold you in. Literally, everyone sat on the ground at the railing so that you could see both baskets. It made my stomach turn a little bit...not as good with heights as I used to be. 

Vera was thrilled when out to lunch with the team she realized that there was free soft serve ice cream for everyone. Score!

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