Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gus Turns 5!

Gus turned 5! To celebrate we had a backyard bash that included water balloons, confetti eggs, and a load of chaos. 

Water balloons at targets worked well! Kids who wanted to get wet stood behind the targets. ;)

You can't win them all. Prizes wrapped up in crepe paper didn't work so well. Back to the drawing board on this game:

Confetti eggs are so fun to photograph!

This boy is filled with tons of love and a little bit of mischief. He is my mighty bite and he fills my heart with love. In the last month we have noticed that he has reached a new level of maturity and seems ready for what 5 is going to bring (kindergarten!). He loves to play both board games and video games. His favorite food is cheese quesadillas.

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