Sunday, December 24, 2017

70th Birthday

We have stayed in touch with J's friend from college, Alex (in fact, he is Vera's godfather). Over Thanksgiving we were trying to see his family and somehow managed to wrangle out an invite to his father's 70th birthday. The party was held 5 minutes from J's parent's house at the Hiller Aviation Museum. I was so impressed. We have passed that museum a hundred times on our drive to see Nonni and Nonno and never stopped. I am determined to get our kids to the museum, especially after our adventures this summer at the Legacy Flight Museum in Idaho. Plus, the party planners hired an amazing balloon company!

The motorcycle was hands down my favorite creation of the night.

The scuba diver was a close second to the motorcycle.

No kids meant that J and I pretty much chilled, ate good food, and toured the airplanes a bit. Super nice. Thank you Nonni and Nonno for babysitting!

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