Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Currently, Santa Barbara is covered in a layer of smoke and ash from the Thomas Fire that started early December. Thankfully, Santa Barbara is being protected by the firefighters...families in parts of Carpeteria have not been as lucky and have lost homes. To catch up a little on this blog, I am going to dream of the time when my kids got a private sailing lesson from our friends and were able to enjoy what Santa Barbara is about...being with friends, enjoying the outdoor life, and learning something new. 

Pearly and Julie enjoying time on the beach.

Vera getting a lesson from Anne, she later was able to sail her lil sister along the coast! I love that Anne is all about safety and kids are always in life vests.

The boys taking a turn! Sam, Keller's friend, is a seasoned pro.

I am hooked. I feel like if you live on the water you should experience activities on it...i.e. my kids will all participate in Junior Lifeguards at least one. Sailing seems like a natural thing to add to our agenda.

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