Monday, April 20, 2020

Happenings in Quarantine Part 25

Pearl has decided that she loves the cats with all of her heart and beams with joy when one of them gives her a little bit of attention. 

One day's activities included curling Pearl's hair and doing her make-up. Plus, she got to do my make-up. I "forgot" to take a picture, mainly because I have quarantine hair = no brushing.

Two types of masks made! The first is a little looser, the second is the fitted look. 

Science class for Pearl!

The tulips are almost finished for the season.

Pearl sewed a bed pillowcase.

Gus sewed an envelope pillow.

I decided that my favorite cookie in the entire world is chocolate chip where you replace the butter in the recipe with blended prunes. So delicious. 

Only in quarantine...we played online Codenames with Nonni, Nonno, Zia, and Uncle Damian. 

2ish ingredient bagels. It is supposed to be only yogurt and self-rising flour. I only had regular flour so had to add baking soda and salt. So good.

Finally painting a room that we have had on our to do list for two years!!

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