Thursday, August 13, 2020

July Randomness

A friend driving through Portland prompted a visit to the Witch's Castle with my two youngest. 

Pearl is in constant cute mode over here. 

What a lot of our days look like during all this time at home!

Keller is into bike riding with a passion. The pump track that is kind of in our neighborhood has been a good find. 

Thank you, Sis, for my new mask!!

Mike Bennett is a Portland artist who J discovered through Reddit. He runs contests all over Portland where you can find his work, sometimes just to take pictures with and sometimes to keep. Recently, he orchestrated a scavenger hunt where he put 20 art kits around Portland and you had to find them using his Instagram account for hints. 

Several false starts later...we scored! Did I have to call my sister to help me figure out the technology...I did! I am not going to admit how much yelling was happening in our car as we tried to get to the various locations. 


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