Wednesday, August 19, 2020

South Sister

Kellie is for sure my adventure friend and with her encouragement we decided to climb South Sister this summer. First though, we camped in the van and ate pizza. ;) 

So excited to be starting out!

Broken Top Mountain is off to the side of Kellie in this picture. 

South Sister in the distance. 

I thought one of the best parts was walking across the crater. Fun to walk on snow and to know that we were so close to reaching the summit. 

Me, with a bunch of other mountains in the background. 

Me, with part of the crater behind me.

Me! So excited to be at the summit of South Sister. Altogether it was 5 hrs up and 4 hrs down. My knees gave me a bit of a problem and I ended up with a band-aid on my pinkie due to a confrontation with a piece of lava rock. 

Me, waiting in line at In-n-Out. Ha! We might have waited 1.5 hrs. There are only three of the fast food chain in Oregon. Sheesh. 


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