Tuesday, June 1, 2021

April Awesomeness

Easter egg dying...the eggs looked amazing and then I rinsed off the foam. They were much more faded. 

Mike Bennett made slow down signs and then proceeded to give 75 of them away. We waited in a very long line...totally worth it. 

Keller learned how to make crepes for his cultural heritage class, because apparently they are studying a lot about France. It is a little random. 

10 inches gone!

I had to capture my morning snuggle buddy. 

Just me and the people I love:

Gus and his buddy with their awesome matching shirts. 

Loving our new firepit. 

OBOB practice...

Vera is well on her way to becoming a master crochet artist. 

It was a Costco in the back of our car kind of picnic. 

We have another OBOB Champion in the house!!!!

Our Mike Bennett obsession continues:

The cherry trees in Portland make for a really pretty pink carpet. 

Posing Pearl!


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