Thursday, June 3, 2021

May Mayhem

Pearl adventures!

First visit from Nonni and Nonno in over a year!!!

Visit with Nonno = coffee places. 

Keller's lacrosse game was perfect for crocheting and picture taking. 

Mudd Works might be my new favorite coffee place. 

Pickleball is the best!

All those yellow dots are...SPIDERS!!

First shot done!

A visit with Tommy the Tortoise makes Pearl's day. 

Another day another visit to Mike Bennett's house. 

Pearl's sweet friend group.

She glows!

V & G took an urban hike with me to pick up our car from the dealership after having some work done. 

My coffee + Menchie spoon makes me smile all the time. He looks like he is in a spa.

The garage project has officially started. 

Papier-mâché for an art project equaled many days of creativity. 

Oregon Zoo trip...we could only convince the two youngers. 

PSU Farmer's Market Feast:

4 stitches in Pearl's chin meant mom got a sleeping buddy for a couple of days. 

Bouldering for a family activity + more Pearl promising...

We wore the teenagers out. 

She is very interested in aerial. 


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