Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rice Cereal...Hmmm...Good

At Keller's last appointment his doctor recommended some rice cereal at night. The hope is, fingers crossed, that he will sleep a little more at night. I don't know why, but I feel guilty about feeding the kid "food" before 6 months. But, we really do need to sleep more in this house. At almost 5 months our boy is still up 2 times on a good night and 3-4 on a yikes night. Most times he ends up in bed with J and I, curled up by my side after having nursed because I am too tired to put him back in his bassinet after eating. So...we are trying rice cereal.

First food shots are so funny, his little tongue just wasn't quite sure what to do with either the spoon or the rice cereal. I would say he ate a teaspoon of food, the rest ended up on his bib, the table, and everywhere in between. We shall see if he sleeps for a longer span tonight.


Krista said...

Didn't your husband start in on cereal at something like 10 days?! I think Keller will do just fine.

nonni said...

actually Jaso was 3 weeks old and the doc said...."FEED THAT KID!"