Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yuck Factor!

I fully admit that where bugs and other icky things are concerned, I pass. When I was in third grade I somehow managed to step on a slug. It was then stuck on my shoe and I spent ten minutes yelling for someone, anyone to remove the slimy body. Both at the time and even today when I look back on that moment...I think ick, gross, yuck. Would I be able to remove it myself today? Probably not. I would run screaming to Vera to help her mama out.

Vera has no fear. Our good neighbor claims that I am going to warp her because I am such a scaredy luck so far. She loves bugs and frogs. At the zoo it is just wasted breath when I ask her to please skip the reptile and insect house.

She found this snail outside of her daddy's work and brought it over so proud to show me. Disgusting, yes. Cool that she has no fear, totally.

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fourthbreakfast said...

Love this post. Nice to know all the weird neuroses that parents have don't rub off on their kids too! :)