Sunday, November 30, 2008


After 8 hours of travel with a toddler and a baby we have made if home from our Thanksgiving holiday in the Bay Area. There were lots of good moments, about a million photos, and one case of hidden crab at a Chinese/Japanese buffet. Being allegeric to crab, that counted as my low moment.

Our trip started off wet on Tuesday night and that weather carried through to Wednesday. Great for California and a nice change from our constant sun...except we (Jan and Jay + our whole family) were supposed to meet my dad on Wednesday at the SF Zoo for him to meet Keller for the first time. Even large umbrellas borrowed from relatives could not convince our party to venture into the great outdoors to view the wild animals. Instead, we ventured into Stonestown...yep...a mall.

There we ate Subway sandwiches in the food court and had the first of many frozen yogurts of our trip. The two kiddos also got a chance to hang with Santa. Keller fell in love and Vera, as can be seen by her expression, was unsure about the man. Keller's first meeting with his Opa was a success, rain and all.


fourthbreakfast said...

Great photos! I take it Vera's hat was your sister's creation?

Krista said...

Wow, Vera looks so grown-up! And the hats, I mean, seriously, they make the photos ;-)