Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keller Laughing

Keller's laugh is hilarious. He doesn't laugh often, but when he does he sounds like he is laughing so hard that it actually comes out as a gurgle. This is not individual to his laugh, when he cries, it takes a second for an actual cry to come out. Before that he just makes these throaty little sounds like he is struggling to not howl. Either that or his lip quivers for a good 10 seconds before any sound exits.

Of all the people in Keller's life, Vera is the one that makes him laugh the most. He giggles when she spins around, laughs when she jumps, and gets the gurgle going when she throws toys around. He loves his big sister.


nonni said...

OMG I love this video! I watch it all the time...I know what you're thinkin'....GET A LIFE, Nonni!

Unknown said...

I give J. a hard time about working on his cars. That they could be so cool but they just get neglected. What's all the crap on the trunk and hood? But truth is that I am jealous. I'd much rather watch Keller laugh, and read Vera stories and take a beautiful wife Costco. You scored buddy.