Friday, January 2, 2009

Hanging at the LA Zoo

Living in Santa Barbara, we forget how to drive to different places. We consider driving to our local Costco in Goleta a "trip." We plan for the trip and make sure that while we are all the way out in Goleta we complete any other necessary chores that need to be done out there...lists are made in hope that we won't have to make the trip again for another week or so. Of course, driving to Costco takes 15 minutes on a bad day and 10ish if you are driving at a reasonable speed. Spoiled, we are spoiled living here where it takes 5 to 10 minutes at most to get to the places where we need to be.

However, every time we head to LA for one reason or another we have the same conversation, "It really isn't that far!" From the time we leave our house to Downtown LA takes about a hour and a half. Plus, we have several good friends that live there. Plus, it is a big city. It fills our need when we think we live in a too small town where nothing happens.

On December 20 we decided to take an road trip to see our friends and threw in the LA Zoo for kicks. Love zoos! Highlight of the trip was an ape that was using a piece of rope to snag bamboo outside of her cage and rope it back in. Other highlight, a crazy koala and kangaroo duo. On a fully random note, our friends gave Keller and Vera each a Christmas gift. Sometimes people just nail it. Vera was given two doll outfits. After opening them, she no longer wanted to be at their house or the zoo. No, she wanted to go immediately home to dress up her dolls. Keller got a stacking toy that then turns into rolling balls. Pretty awesome! You have to see it to understand that I am talking about.


Lady M said...

Visiting from Fourth Breakfast's link (I'm her sister) - you have such cute kids! Happy New Year!

nonni said...

very good pic of Jaso and Keller if I don't say so myself