Monday, December 1, 2008


On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Mazzetta clan headed out to Half Moon Bay to chop down our own Christmas tree. Jay and Jan led the way with our crew of four following close behind. Before stopping to look for trees, we wanted a little adventure and went to Maverick's beach to watch the surfers and to see some cool sea creatures in the tide pools. Surfers there were many, but high tide pretty much stripped our chances of catching sight of anemones or starfish.

Still, the beach and time of day provided a cool photo opportunity. For Vera the fun was in collecting angel wing shells (mussel shells) with her nonni and putting her feet in the water. We are all in sweatshirts with knit hats on and my little pumpkin is running around with her pants pushed to her knees and soaked through to her undies.

After spending some time on the beach, our crew had a very WT moment in the parking lot of Rite Aid eating yummy pumpkin ice cream and BBQ Pringles...that is what happens when you forget to pack snack and water.

To finish up the day we searched through two lots, but it was unanimously decided that Home Depot might be a better place to purchase the tree. To appease Vera, who really wanted a Christmas tree, we let her take home a small tree branch. It is so easy to make an almost 3 year old happy at times.

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fourthbreakfast said...

Brr...I'm cold thinking of putting my feet in the water at this time of year. So glad you are blogging. I'm enjoying all the news.