Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day in Recap

J and I have never been big holiday people. Sharing a birthday has made us a little jaded to buying gifts for each other. We decided a long time ago that we don't buy presents for each other. As I write that, I can just imagine people reading this and thinking that we sound Scrooge-like, but it really does work for us. Kiddos have changed holidays in more ways than one.

Now, baking and card crafts plus hanging out with friends have become our holiday norm and I am loving it. My posh friend Elena and I try to fit in at least one baking/decorating day before each holiday. Our girls...well, Vera decorates for at least three or four cookies, cupcakes, or whatever we happen to be doing and then becomes persistent about wanting a little taste. Sydney is hilarious. She really has no interest in decorating and every interest in eating as many of the sweet treats as possible while her mom tries to keep her from nibbling through all the goodies. For Valentine's Elena baked cupcakes and the girls frosted and sprinkled the morning away and the mini cakes were beautiful.

My next baking project was for a Valentine's party we were invited to. I just bought a heart shaped cookie/brownie pan and was so excited to be able to use it. Yes, I am a full time mom and a baking pan is pretty darn cool! Vera helped me decorate the cookies of course. At the party Vera got the yellow balloon that Keller is holding...I love the pic, the words look photoshopped but aren't.

Finally, I end with a picture of Vera and her buddy. These outfits were not planned. It is kind of hard to tell, but Vera has a heart on her shirt too. They must be connected in some way...kind of like when couple start wearing the same colors on accident.

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Krista said...

I would just like to say that I didn't start wearing more brown & beige to match Mr. 1950s. I started wearing more brown & beige to match Leroy.