Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Bee's Birthday

Charlie planned an Alice in Wonderland themed party on July 11th for her daughter including teacup cupcakes (filing that idea away for future use). The photos I have chosen don't really show the par-tay itself, they are just shots that I loved. Charlie and I, so good to have great friends!

Really, that is your "cheese" face? I have a whole series where if one girl is smiling the other one is making a funny face. Out of 20 shots there is not one where both are looking at me at the same time...while smiling. I have a new found respect for professional photographers who take family shots. Can you imagine trying to catch a moment where 4-6 people are all smiling at the same time, when some of those people are toddlers?

The boys in my life, love them and love Keller's belly hanging over his pants. His love, watermelon.

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