Thursday, July 9, 2009

Olallieberries Galore

Sunday morning Nonno, J, Vera, and I headed to Phipps Farm for some olallieberry picking and farm animal sightseeing. Thank you again Nonni for keeping the Keller Monster home...berry picking would have been much more difficult if we had also had to keep dirt, branch, and berries out of Keller's mouth.

Olallieberry picking and then jamming is a Mazzetta Family tradition. We have missed the last few years and Nonno has gone it alone. It was fun to be back at the farm eating as we pick and dodging J's missiles as he launched berries into the air. This was Vera's first berry picking experience and she lasted for a good hour before deciding that enough was enough and someone else needed to carry her basket.

One of Nonno's primary jobs was to stuff berries into Vera's mouth.

So pretty!

Is this the face of a child who is done or what?


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with that photo of V looking through the vines. Then I saw the last one. Awesome!

Fourth B

nonni said...

I, too, love the pic of Vera peering through the vines..I think we need to make an enlarged hard copy to hang in Julia's old room.


Krista said...

I like the one of Vera looking through the vines, but is she 14 years old already?!

Anonymous said...

looks like Vera is wearing lipstick and rouge in this pic