Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Random Things

Story about Vera:

Sometimes, when the kids need to shower, we just throw them in with us into the big shower...otherwise known as the shower in the parent's room. The little shower is the square one that is in our guest bathroom or the Vera/Keller bathroom. This is especially handy with Vera because she just chills, sitting on a washcloth, and maybe scrubs up a doll if she has brought one in with her.

But, the trouble with having a parent and child in the shower is that the water can't hit both people at the same time. Recently, when trying to wash the conditioner out of my hair Vera started asking for the water to spray her. Her next comment, "You don't want your child to be cold, do you?" She has learned the game.

Story about Keller:

My son, who still has problems pressing the buttons on his toys, somehow knows how to honk the horn on our car...and of course laughs the entire time.

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Krista said...

We recently put a dual head shower. One sprays down and one is remove-able. I like it a lot and it wasn't really that much more expensive than a regular shower head.