Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keller's First Hair Cut

Recently, we were swimming in Oma's pool and Keller had a full on Donald Trump comb over happening. It was time for a cut! Kid's Cut, our first time going there, is geared to all things kid and was AWESOME for his first experience. They have a waiting area filled with toys for every age AND as they cut they give the kids a bucket of figurines to search through...or, in the case of Keller, throw and suck on. Additionally, our salonist (Is it horrible that I don't remember her name?) talked and calmed Keller the entire time. It was not an easy task!

So not excited, but hello, he does have his mama's bottom lip.

It was a team effort, with Vera entertaining him with toys and my sis taking pics of his first cut.

I was helping the effort as poking Keller in the eye with a dinosaur. Thank you for getting a pic of that one sis!


Julia said...

are vera and keller wearing t-shirts from germany...i think unco damo has a shirt like that...its the symbol that it is ok to walk across the street?

Good Times and Chaos said...

yep! j brought them home from his trip.

The Paskins said...

I love that YOU are wearing the leopard-print robe :)

Krista said...

I think her name might have been Katie? And I want to see Vera's new haircut?!