Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wine, BBQ, and Maverick's = Good Times

Jamie's birthday was a fantastic excuse for a little mom/girl's night fun last Saturday! Here we are wine tasting...and I have to give one of the girls big props. See the beautiful lady on the far right (looking at the computer). She is currently holding her new little baby in her arms. Yep, three days after chilling with us at a few wineries, she went ahead and had her third child. AWESOME!

Seriously, could the setting have been more perfect.

Mamas that headed out for a little dancing fun! My wonderful friend Deb offered to be my DD for the evening was an adventure. She has two kiddos at home and so she left their primary car with her hubby, which left us the surfmobile to drive to Santa Ynez and home again. The surfmobile being the hubby's little beater that is perfect for taking out with a bunch of boards and wetsuits in tow. Well, it made it to Santa Ynez and then decided that it was done with us. After much swearing and jumping, the car started...beeping the entire time we drove it home. Good times!

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