Thursday, February 25, 2010

Check-Up Time

Both kids had their check-ups todays (Keller = 18 mth, Vera = 4). They are both, of course, TALL! I know that is a huge surprise. All things considered, they are healthy munchkins. I wanted the doc to give me a pill so that Keller might sleep past 5:30am...but, no luck on that count. Instead, I am supposed to run him for at least an hour before he doesn't already do that himself.

Vera - 4 Year Appointment

  • weight - 45.8 lbs (90%)
  • height - 44.75 inches (100+)
  • Likes - dogs (no big surprise there), watching Arthur or any dog show, Taylor, carbs - couscous, lots and lots of pasta, Yogurtland, strawberries, swings, the Sea Center, when Keller gets put in time-out, story time - loves Franklin stories or anything to do with animals, chocolate milk, Fifi
Keller - 18th Month Appointment

  • weight - 27 lbs (65ish%)
  • height - 35.25 inches (100%)
  • Likes - dogs (both kids - REALLY), all fruit, Goldfish, picking out his own clothes - usually grabs 3-4 pairs of pants and then is upset when he can't put them all on, kissing, saying "NO!" loudly and as often as possible, the zoo, playing with his bellybutton, taking a shower

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The Fallons said...

I like your doctor's advice of running Keller for an hour at night. Swing by our house on your run and pick up Samantha for me. I will even let you take our dog! ;)