Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last night, I started the neverending task of getting our photos organized. But, then of course got distracted when I came upon the disc of pics that my sis had scanned of my mom's. Looking at them, bawling just a bit, and picking out my favorites took most of the night.


Krista said...

Those are some of my favorites, too. I've had the one of Mom & Steph leaning on the car on our counter before, and to me, the one of Mom & Dad at the gift shop is just so them, it's one of my favorite photos ever.

The Paskins said...

You look exactly like...well, you! :)

And Keller looks just like your sister!

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white of your dad. I've seen that car one at Mrs. 1950s. I also love that one of you and Mrs. 1950s and your mom. So cute!

Fourth B