Wednesday, February 24, 2010

San Diego

J gets big Dad points this past weekend for going solo with the kids while I reconnected with my friend in San Diego. Taking the train down on Friday was so relaxing, I was able to finish two books and eat an entire lunch without interruption.

Red and I chillaxed all weekend...and yep, realize that word is totally not cool. But, it sounds so funny when you tell someone to just chillax. We danced, shopped, and ate our way through the weekend. We even managed a seaside run (patting myself on the back for that one).

Yum..this picture was taken at The Firehouse where they served up some delicious breakfast burritos.

Oh, mimosas in the morning is a SD tradition, so we just had to do it. Right?

Random rant: As a mom I feel like I have seen and cleaned-up some pretty disgusting things by this point, you might even say I am a bit jaded on the whole germ front. HOWEVER, walking through the Amtrak train on a crowded Sunday night ride barefoot...not allowed. So gross that I wanted to be a total mom and tell him to put some shoes on his disgusting feet.

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brooke said...

Blast from the past! Love it!