Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dottie's Family Dinner

Turkey enchildas for 30, our fam was so there! Dottie, a cousin of Jan's, hosts an annual after-Thanksgiving dinner that gets everyone (and I do mean everyone) together to eat and be merry. We even managed a group photo.

J's contribution, R/Cing (yea, no idea how to actually state what we were doing in correct terms). Basically, we had races with the little cars. It involved running if your car flipped or was flipped by the competitor and just a tiny bit of trash talking.

Both kiddos were enthralled with the vintage Fisher Price Little People. Uhm, so was I. Dude, those things are cool and I want to either find my old set or buy new (old) ones.


You gotta end the night with a horse ride and a photo bomb by Trev.

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