Thursday, March 3, 2011


About a week ago J and i decided that a windshield replacement was in order, it had something to do with the 9 dings in our window. Oh, and also the fact that our warranty was about to run out and it would only cost us $50 if we did it now.

It has equaled 3 afternoons of a window replacement that had a leak, an afternoon where it was decided that the windshield that had been put in would definitely not work, and this final one where everything is as good as new. Why am I telling this extremely odd tale...

Today, I hear the doorbell ring and head down the stairs to finish up the paperwork, passing Keller on the way who has been staring at the men almost the entire 45 minutes they have been fixing the car. As I near the door, I hear hysterical laughter.

Walking out, I give them the crazy look and the gentleman just points to the window. There, is Keller, french kissing the entire window. Back and forth, up and down, his little tongue flattened against the window. He sees us and then continues on cleaning dirt and grime off our windows. Ahhh...the joys of parenthood.

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