Monday, April 18, 2011

J is simply exhausted, he needs a weekend after our weekend. On Saturday, he and both kiddos helped our friends move from Santa Ynez to SB. What he thought would take a few hours ended up being an all day affair with both kids. Hmmm, I think I really came up positive with that situation. I sat home and organized closets and then spent two blissful hours having my hair dyed while reading trash magazines. So relaxing!

Then, J and I traveled to the OC yesterday for the wedding of a good friend of mine from the UCSB Teaching Credential Program. Bride was gorgeous, wedding was fun, but I came to the realization that my 5ish-month pregnant body is not alloweed to wear heels ever again during this pregnancy. I am so sore all up and down my legs. Whoo! Never knew that would be the workout of the weekend.

I am a fairly confident person about my height at this point, loving the fact that I am tall. But, standing next to an extremely petite and adorable bride while pregnant and tall...some of the pictures are being deleted. Literally, in a few I look freakishly tall. If I had tilted my head down it would look like I was trying to swallow her whole.

On the way home, J and I also totaled how many weddings we have gone to together. 23! This was our 23 wedding as a couple.


Olivia said...

LOL. I was trying to understand why you looked so short compared to J in that photo with the bride.

Nicole Kidman has a special "look smaller" stance for photos from the waist up. Bend one knee, extend the other to kinda stabilize you.

Anonymous said...

When Nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.