Monday, April 4, 2011

Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

In a 100% spur of the moment decision, the Mazzetta Family headed to LA's Museum of Natural History on Sunday. With the two kiddos strapped into their carseats, our primary goal was to see the dinosaurs.

Then, we got to the museum and saw this sign. Yep, the entire Dinosaur Hall is being renovated and is closed to the public. Hmm, maybe we should have done a little internet research. The upside to the situation was that our Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History got us into LA's one for free. Even without the dinosaurs, we decided to stick around for a few hours to explore.

One of my favorite parts, the step stool in the bathroom. Hello, best invention ever for a mother who has just injured her back, is pregnant, and can't lift her kiddos up to wash their hands. Vera is demonstrating (although honestly, she could probably reach the sink just fine), but for Keller it was crucial. I definitely received a few odd looks for taking the picture.

Luckily, there were still a few dinosaur bones around for the kids to get excited about.

This is my attempt at my first belly shot.

Then, there was this guy below. The museum puts on a show called "Dinosaur Encounters." The kids in the audience were loving it. Not Vera, she was curled up in Daddy's shirt scared that the T-Rex was going to eat her. We talked many times about the fact that it was a puppet and that the audience could see the legs of the person inside, none of it made a difference.

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